Friday, May 19, 2006

Surprise Announcement

In a surprise announcement today, the Bush Administration withdrew the candidacy of General Hayden for the post of CIA director and submitted that of James "Jimmy" Hoffa. (This was pending his resurrection from Hidden Dreams (sic) farm in Michigan.)

Tony Snow, the newly minted misspokeperson for the White House said that Mr. Hoffa's credentials were "impeccable" citing this affidavit of his experience in the area of surveillance:
In the autumn of 1957, Hoffa was charged with wiretapping business agents' telephones and was indicted on five counts of perjury before the grand jury. But once again, he escaped unscathed as the first trial ended in a hung jury, the second in acquittal. The Supreme Court disregarded the prosecution's wiretap evidence, thereby eliminating the strongest evidence at the perjury trial.

You see, these guy's don't think that wiretapping is an invasion of privacy:

And, as an ADDED BONUS, they get to whack this man

Who definitely had it in for Hoffa:
Robert Kennedy now began investigating Hoffa and he was eventually charged with corruption. Kennedy claimed that Hoffa had misappropriated $9.5 million in union funds and had corruptly done deals with employers. Hoffa's lawyer, Edward Bennett Williams, managed to persuade the jury to find him not guilty. George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO, did not agree with the verdict and Hoffa and the Teamsters Union were expelled from the association.
Never pass up a chance to whack a Kennedy.

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