Saturday, May 20, 2006


From the inimitable Juan Cole:
There is a vogue for "Islamic chic" among many middle class Iranian women that involves, for instance, wearing expensive boots that cover the legs and so, it is argued, are permitted under Iranian law. The scruffy, puritanical Ahmadinejad and his backers among the hardliners in parliament are waging a new and probably doomed struggle against the young Iranian fashionistas. (emphasis added)(The Khomeinists give the phrase "fashion police" a whole new meaning).
I don't think he means this:

The Fashionistas, John Stagliano's erotically charged Las Vegas adult entertainment production of fetish and fantasy, was chosen as one of "Las Vegas' 10 Best Shows," by the Las Vegas Review Journal.
He probably means this:

But scruffy boy (the perfect appellation for Ahmadinejad) would insist on this:

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