Thursday, May 11, 2006

Its Official

<----The other Civil War

Juan Cole today:
The Iraqi civil war took at least 19 lives on Wednesday, including especially in the Baqubah area of Diyala province.
After weeks and weeks of bickering in the press about whether Iraq was in a Civil War, now Professor Cole resolves the argument by using the term as a given.

I have no argument with Professor Cole. I believe, as he does, that Iraq is in the midst of a Civil War.

The interesting thing here is that so much spleen was exercised pro and con on this issue, as on so many other issues. In fact, the horror of a Civil War, which has been experienced in Iraq now for almost three years (for an almost daily update see Gorilla's Guides)is trivialized when we, the observers, argue about semantics.

What we should be discussing is how to stop this sanguinous mess.


markfromireland said...

Thanks for the plug. :-)

Stop discusssing. Leave. Everything going on in Iraq is a symptom of the American presence there. Those of us who know the country predicted this. Stop discussing, just leave, don't even pause to write a large cheque, just leave. They can't even begin to solve the godawful problems until the BIG problem is solved and that solution is EASY all you have to do is leave.

PS: You and I are both old enough to remember what happened in Lebanon and the curcumstances under which American forces fled, (and no I'm not exagerrating I saw the withdrawal and it was a panic-stricken rout) you're going to freak when you read what I'm publishing this weekend I'm freaking while writing it.

Dr. C said...

As should be evident from current events, we are no longer a democracy. So, while I would order the troops out of Iraq in half a heartbeat, at the moment, I, as an individual, am powerless to do so. In spite of the debacles in Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Latin America and just about every other place in which my Country has intervened, I am still committed to attempting to change my government through the ballot box. I know, I know, too many children are dying. I know.

markfromireland said...

I don't think you've quite gone over the edge yet doc - not much consolation I know. And yes I know that in one sense that as an individual you're powerless same as I am. The thing is that governance even under military occupation is impossible if the governed withold their consent (acquiescence) lots of individually powerless people can manage to do quite a lot. Which is why I think your approach is the best. Boycotts are quite effective too. Have you considered changing your telpehony provider for example?


Are you a member of a pension fund? - contacting them in writing and saying politely that you're livid that your assets are at risk from a class action suit because of this ....

Every little counts. Got a wingnutty paper - write to vulnerable local businesses who advertise saying you're sorry but ....

Sign up with the electronic freedom frontier.

Point out to your colleagues how your collective costs will go up if net neutrality is abandoned.

Every little counts :-)

Dr. C said...

Thanks again. Actually, being a member, no matter how small, of the liberal blogsphere is some consulation.