Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Exploding Planet

Glenn Greenwald, who I am beginning to think should be high in our next, Democratic, administration, refers to these words by the Boy King yesterday in Chicago (talking about Latin/South America):
I am going to continue to remind our hemisphere that respect for property rights and human rights is essential for all countries in order for there to be prosperity and peace. I'm going to remind our allies and friends in the neighborhood that the United States of America stands for justice; that when we see poverty, we care about it and we do something about it; that we care for good -- we stand for good health care.

I'm going to remind our people that meddling in other elections is -- to achieve a short-term objective is not in the interests of the neighborhood. . . . I want to remind people that the United States stands against corruption at all levels of government, that the United States is transparent. The United States expects the same from other countries in the neighborhood, and we'll work toward them.

Thank you very much. I'm concerned -- let me just put it bluntly -- I'm concerned about the erosion of democracy in the countries you mentioned. (emphasis added)
The tragedy here is that this man believes what he is saying! Incredible as it seems, when he has blocked every single effort at transparency, he can get on a podium and say this. It just boggles the mind. (That little Mr. Rogers bit about "in the neighborhood" is just toooo cute.)

Oh, and he could destroy our planet with one finger.

(The "football" was right behind the podium.)

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