Friday, June 17, 2011

Awaiting the Crabs

A Strange Case of Disoxia

Sunday, June 05, 2011

New Camera

New cameras are fun; even if one doesn't know how to use them.

Friday Crab Blogging (late)

Once again we are privileged to start the day with a guest crab from across the pond:

Said to be a "Sandy Bay Crab," but we will cast a jaundiced eye upon such claims.

I am not sure what this crab is actually doing. Possibly hatching an egg.

Notice how finely detailed the crab is?

Damian was insistent that this was not a crab. It was a spider. I think it is a spider crab.

Bryan is majoring in anatomy. His project is the stem cell replication of appendages. It is showing some success.

Mamma crabs read stories about this to their youngsters at night. Scary.

Buzz Lightcrab.

Kody likes his bugs. Oops, one is a crab! (Crawled out of a mattress in New York City.)

You are right. This is not a crab. But Riley absolutely, positively refused to draw a crab, even though she lives on Tilghman Island. Go figure.