Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Other White Supremacy

Felix Martin Julius Steiner (May 23, 1896–May 12, 1966) was a German Heer and Waffen-SS officer who served in both World War I and World War II.

Steiner ranks as one of the most innovative commanders of the Waffen-SS. He skilfully commanded the SS-Deutschland Regiment through the invasions of Poland, France and the Low Countries. He was then chosen by Himmler to oversee the creation of, and then command the volunteer SS Division, SS-Division (mot) Wiking. In 1943, he was promoted to command of a Corps, and by the end of the War he was in command of the 11.SS-Panzer-Armee.


Glenn Greenwald, who came out of nowhere to be one of the most cogent bloggers around, directs us to this frightening essay in the Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)
White Guilt and the Western Past
Why is America so delicate with the enemy?

It began, I believe, in a late-20th-century event that transformed the world more profoundly than the collapse of communism: the world-wide collapse of white supremacy as a source of moral authority, political legitimacy and even sovereignty. . . .
and further:
The collapse of white supremacy--and the resulting white guilt--introduced a new mechanism of power into the world: stigmatization with the evil of the Western past. And this stigmatization is power because it affects the terms of legitimacy for Western nations and for their actions in the world. (emphasis added)
This is just so cockeyed and odious and, well, fucking insane that it seems to have come from some ranch in Iowa with a few swastikas in the window or the bowels of the Argentine outback.

It is not. It is in the Wall Street Journal. They are serious. It goes on and on and Glenn knifes it mercilessly (we show no restraint when we decimate idiocy). But still, it is a sad, sad day.

Is this how the good people of Germany felt as their world was caving in about them? Read "Stones from the River" by Ursula Hegi.


Redjalapeno said...

I have had this discussion with my coworkers for some time now.

America under the Bush regime and Republican control bears an eerie
resemblance to Nazi Germany under Hitlers control.

Controlling the media while claiming it is biased against conservatives, domestic spying, blaming Hispanics and Gays for all that is wrong in our society (think 'Jews'), hidden detention camps, torture, attacks on academia for bias and indoctrination, heavy-handed security actions domestically (arresting the grannies in NY) etcetera, ecetera.

Turning back the neocon march to gain control of America and then the world will be the truest test of this democratic and once great nation.

Solving or at least appeasing the Israeli-Iran-Palestine-Iraq-Syria crisis is going to take more than sabre (read: nuke) rattling that is going on now. It will require an international will that NO country has the ability to lead currently. America has lost any and all power and credibility to do so under the Bush doctrine of the "war on terror".

Incidentally, you have been doing one helluva job over the last several months.
My hats off and much gratitude to you Doc.

Keep up the good work!

markfromireland said...

Yup keep it up.