Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bring me the Head of Dick Cheney

Buried at the bottom of this article (Bushes' Assets May Top $20 Million; Cheneys', $94 Million) we have the following:
The Cheneys reported owing $529,636 on taxable income of $1,961,157 in 2005, according to their tax return, released last month. The couple's total income in 2005 was $8.8 million, largely as a result of stock options Cheney, 65, received before stepping down as chairman of Houston-based Halliburton Co., the world's largest oil-field services company, to run for vice president in 2000.(emphasis added)
Doesn't this strike you as rather corrupt? I can assure you if Al Gore made $8 Million from stock options of a company he had run before he became Vice President his head would have been served on a platter to the collected Republicans in Congress. They still pilloried him for meeting with the Buddhist monks.

Isn't it time we started being fair?

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