Monday, May 22, 2006

A Simple Explanation

This in no way exonerates the American public from the guilt of Iraq and Afghanistan, but one explanation is that our news media promotes this:
WHITE GIRL MISSING!!!! (for a year)

When we should be worrying about "Abdullah Yaseen Wept Alone":

And we cry more about a frigging race horse:

Than about 15 Civilian Deaths from American Bombs:
The local governor (in Afghanistan ed) said 16 civilians were killed and 16 wounded

And our leaders talke of "New Beginnings" and "Political Progerss" when the reality is from Juan Cole:
50 Dead
Maliki Vows to End Militias, Graft

The civil war in Iraq killed 50 persons on Sunday, according to al-Zaman. Reuters managed to detail the circumstances of 35 of them, including bombings in Baghdad.

And the "Da Vinci Code" grossed $277 MILLION in the box office but the elderly in Romania have to get by on a $20 per month pension. (I see that Juan Cole deconstructs this movie. Need to read.)

At some point it is all too overwhelming for normally decent people. They withdraw and ignore. It is sad when a civilization crumbles.

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