Sunday, May 07, 2006

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Update below.

“With the world in the mess it's in,” she said, “it's a wonder we can enjoy anything. I tell you, the bottom rail is on the top.”......Flannery O'Connor
I was intrigued by Billmon's post about gold prices going through the roof.

Looks like 1978, doesn't it? You all probably don't remember the inflation of 1978:
Let's Stop Inflation -- Now

"We favor sacrifice if someone else goes first. We want to abolish tax loopholes, unless it's our loophole. We denounce special interests, except for our own."
--President Jimmy Carter
April, 1978

We see it everywhere: new prices scrawled over the old, the repair bill that suddenly shoots much higher, soaring medical bills, the higher cost of everything.
It's inflation -- without question the number one concern of Americans today.

Then, when I was searching for pharmaceuticals in Europe (more about this later), I noticed that the Euro was going the same thing.

And THEN, FirdDogLake put me onto the Halliburton graph:

The only thing that isn't going up is the Boy King's polls.

I think there's a connection. So much for my savings when the dollar tanks.

Update1: Oh, I forgot Interest Rates:

Update2: Here's the answer. And here's a taste:
"Why should I?" she said, finally showing her true colors. "Any intervention would just cuff the invisible hand, doing more harm than good." She was Milton Friedman with the body of Scarlett Johansson. I had to get outta there.

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