Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nuclear Weapons and the Maginot Line

The Maginot Line (....named after French minister of defense André Maginot) was a line of concrete fortifications, tank obstacles, machine gun posts and other defenses which France constructed along its borders with Germany and with Italy in the wake of World War I. ... The French believed the fortification would provide time for their army to mobilize in the event of attack and also compensate for numerical weakness.
It is important to recall the effectiveness of the Maginot Line:
The World War II German invasion plan of 1940 (Sichelschnitt) was designed to deal with the Line. A decoy force sat opposite the Line while a second Army Group cut through the Low Countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as through the Ardennes Forest which lay north of the main French defences. Thus the Germans were able to avoid assaulting the Maginot Line directly. Attacking from May 10, the German forces were well into France within five days and they continued to advance until May 24, when they stopped near Dunkirk. By early June the German forces had cut off the Line from the rest of France and the French government was making overtures for an armistice, which was signed on June 22 in Compiègne.(emphasis added)
In a word, it wasn't.

Why does the United States and Israel think that nuclear weapons provide us with defense? To use them would destroy the world as we know it. Retaliation against us would be so overwhelming that Israel would be destroyed and the United States would be incapacitated.

What are we thinking?

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