Friday, May 19, 2006

Dividing Line

It is always easy to look back and determine when it was that things finally went awry, or, in other words,the dividing line between before and after. Try as you might, you can't say at the time of the event that "this" is it. Where in the Bush Presidency can we say "before this time things weren't too bad," and "after this time, it was a disaster."

A corollary to these thoughts is "how is he going to govern for two years with a hostile Congress?" (assuming, of course, that the Democrats win the House and Senate in November. Given the Democrats ability to screw things up, this is not a given.)

I think that a candidate for the dividing line will be if Hayden is confirmed as director of the CIA. When a Senator tells a candidate to his face that he has a credibility problem, well, you know that, if he is confirmed, we are in trouble.

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