Friday, May 05, 2006

Quand(a)ry (O.K., O.K.)

I have a personal quandry. Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Tony Snow all have homes in my county. They all eat at local restaurants (to much fanfare and blocking of normal commerce; people have to "stay inside" when they pass). I have already asked the County Council if I could introduce a resolution asking them to leave. I was laughed at. But, as Glenn Greenwald discusses today, some people have spoken out:
McGovern is in good company -- along with Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, Joe Wilson, Howard Dean, Al Gore, the war critic Generals, and all of the other corrupt, mentally ill and/or unpatriotic Americans whose motives and/or mental health have been similarly maligned after standing up to the administration.
I find the presence of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Snow in my county reprehensible. I was here first. What can I do?

Any ideas?


cicero said...

Letters to the editor don't get read enough. Maybe an ad in the paper expressing opinion? If so, best to get it signed by "concerned citizens group." My guess is your are stuck with them. Have the Feline Lady invite them to a private party and read them the riot act about straightening out the mess they have created. I'd like to come to that party.

NiK0 said...

i wish i knew. the only things i've come up with that would keep those good-fer-nuthins out are:

-increased property taxes
-hunting and fishing illegal
-class war
-no cyborgs, bodyguards, or helicopters allowed

markfromireland said...

Weeeeeeell I don't know either but if you're going to write a letter to the editor you could start by spelling it "Quandary."

[You should know by now never ever ever ever to give me an opening like that. :-) It was after all an Irishman who said that he could resist everything except tempation.]