Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why is this man smirking?

I guess he knows he has put something over on the American people.

I am sorry, but this man does not represent the whole of America. In fact, he represents a very small fraction of ultra conservatives. He has been appointed as the Chief Justice in the highest court of our land and will be there for the next 30 years. The only way to remove him will be by impeachment. We are already satiated with impeachment (the Republicans made sure of that with Clinton).
There are many issues that will come before the Court about which he will be the deciding vote. Women, children, the poor and the black should be weeping in sorrow for this appointment. It is another sad day in a string of sad days for America. Long after G.W. Bush has been buried in History, he will be wrecking his havoc.

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Adam said...

You're absolutely right. It's ironic how sometimes those elected don't represent the electorate at all. While this is bad, what's worse is that there's still another nomination to come.