Friday, September 09, 2005

Get Some Bloody Mouthwash, Sailor

This is a picture of our Treasury Secretary, John Snow. He has his hands on the national purse. In a previous life he diddled with Arabian Stallions.

Sorry, wrong guy.

In a previous life he greeted you at the local funeral parlor.

"Oh, I'm Sooooooooo Sorry. I feel your pain."



markfromireland said...

Keep at 'em doc. They're frightened and desperate and frightened desperate people make stupid mistakes.

Also sorry to blogwhore but I've joined the team over at liberal avenger and the trolls are going to be out in force tonight.

Comments from decent human being like you will help offset them if you can manage to hold your nose and type at the same time :-)

Dr. C said...

I saw that, Mark, congrats. Great Site. I've been up and down the river with the BRT troll there.