Tuesday, September 20, 2005

On Being There

It is a little bit strange living in these times. I think we just saw the American polity unravel on the Gulf Coast. Since so many in our Cheney Administration believe in an Old Testament God, it is puzzling why they haven't connected the current plethora of nastiness in the South Atlantic (and one should include the Gulf of Mexico) with a vindictive God (or Goddess, to be fair. After all, Katrina was a "She"). Of course the victims are, as usual, the peons, though old White Beard did go after Nebucadnezzar when he didn't heed the writing on the wall.

It is also interesting that we no longer speak of "the Gulf" and mean that unfortunate region fed by the Tigris and Euphrates. Sometimes history is farce.

And Pharoh looked out of his window in the Oval Office and sawest there a great plague of hurricanes. And he did worry about his poll numbers. And the Israelites didst decamp across the Mississippi River to the Astrodome (when they weren't stopped by Egyptians with AK 47's). And Verily, their leader Jesse Jackson didst part the waters with his nifty remote. And they saw the Promised Land: Texas.

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