Thursday, September 01, 2005

How W Diddled While New Orleans Drowned


Now I want all you guitar players out there to notice that W is playing a rather unusual chord. In fact, it is not a real chord. It is dissonance. So, what's new.

Click to Hear W Play the Guitar.

You have to be amazed at the strange threads of History. Even, History, as in Deliverance. I would wager that a large number of people over the age of 40 believe that Dickey's story of primal fear on the Chattahoochee actually happened. They see people like these as the usual inhabitants of the North Georgia hills.
They are not. The Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph
is more like it. But then, unless you have lived there it is hard to imagine.

But what are we to make of our president playing the frigging guitar while people are dying in the fetid waters of Louisiana and Mississippi. It is just wrong. Flat out wrong. But then, there was that other Emperor.


Markf from Ireland said...

Greetings from a middle-aged former tusker :-)

Could you please post and pass on these two links?

Two databases where you can search for (and add) the names of survivors: survived.aspx

sgo said...

I noticed the same thing... I even picked up the guitar and played it. He's trying to play a G but he's at the wrong fret.
But he planned it that way...
He's just flipping off the media, the crowd and the rest of the nation...