Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dear President

Dear President Bush,
There is a tropical depression in the Atlantic that will soon become hurricane Rita. It might reach the Gulf of Mexico and it might hit the area already hit by Katrina. Could you please get your ass in gear and make sure you are ready for this one. O.K.?


The Green Robin said...

While I understand the urge to concern ourselves more with the plight of human suffering over animal suffering this is just another example of how the United States (or at least our so-called elected officials) don't care about anything/anyone that is not "white" in nature. --> i.e. let's worry about the people who are suffering because they left their animals behind (in some cases tied to door knobs to starve or drowned) instead of thinking of the others who are across the ocean dying because of our greed.
Whew, it is hard to get going on a Monday morning with such anger but I guess it comes with the territory.
Just a heads up to those who are reading this blog... my Uncle Brian totally rocks!!

Dr. C said...

Thanks, GR. Actually, the local animal protection people are in full swing arranging for any emergency. I just thought it was unusual that that should include snakes and birds!

markfromireland said...

Maybe he heard you Doc.

Dr. C said...

MFI, what a yuk! Its amazing how low our expectations are of the most important man in the world.