Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush

I would like to warn you of something that is going to happen in the next few weeks. If you think that Cindy Sheehan was a pain in the wazoo, camping out on your front lawn in Texas, wait until 10,000 Cindy Sheehans who are pissed off about losing loved ones in New Orleans and Mississippi start raising a ruckus. I'd get some ear plugs.


An Irate Citizen (which has some simularities to an Iraq Citizen)

P.S. And tell your Vice President that he can go f**k himself. Maybe he'll catch Herpes.


Redjalapeno said...

Hey Doc,

Are you planning on hitting DC Sept. 24th thru 26th?
I'm going on the 24th, that's all my schedule will allow.

It's not a silent march, and that's a good thing!

Dr. C said...

RJ, Can't make it then. Passing the mantle on to you young guys. Good Luck!

Redjalapeno said...

Young? 41 is young?
OK, I'll take it!