Friday, September 23, 2005

Penguin Baseball

Alright, the challange is out there:


Redjalapeno said...
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Redjalapeno said...

Ok, got all whacky there for a second.

Use Print Screen to get the image down, paste into an application like Word or PowerPoint, AND, I did manage a 320.3, or if you have SnagIt, that will work.

Not going to post a pic until I knock that penguin out of the park!

Cicero said...

I can't find print screen.
Have hit a 323.
But....made hard copy print for posterity in case it's the record.

Dr. C said...

print scrn is in the right, upper side next to F12. It copies it to the clipboard (stolen from the Mac, by the way) and then just past in into anything (I use Adobe Elements).