Thursday, September 15, 2005

Roberts Rules of Order

One can't keep up with everything. So, what I know about the debacle unfolding in the Senate isn't very much more than what I glean from quick blog reading (I read the paper, but only to see how it must have been to read Pravda). In any case, it appears that "Judge for Two Years Roberts" is refusing to tell us what he thinks about the nitty gritty issues that will come before our Supreme Court. He refuses to do this knowing that he has every chance of remaining on the Court for thirty years as its Chief. It doesn't bode well for our Republic to have this kind of intransigence. But then, this could have been predicted. It will be worse with the next candidate.

I thought that things had changed with Katrina. They haven't. In the same way that many now believe that the Iraq War was due to an "Intelligence Failure" when even a first grader could have seen that it was being cooked, Bush is going to blame someone else for the post Katrina mess and then reap all the harvest of the lucrative reconstruction contracts. You can bet your booties that Democrats and the poor will be cut right out of the ring when those come rolling down the pike. [Oh, and yes, I was going to say that there was an Intelligence Failure but in the brains of our leaders, but you have to have Intelligence before it can fail.]

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