Monday, March 21, 2005

Who said politics wasn't theatre

Firstly, I feel a little sad about Terri Schiavo, but not much. As best one can tell, she's not feeling any pain or saddness.

Now the good part. The publicity and actions that this broughaha have excited will make it much easier for those of us who need government action on other, more complex cases.

Let me explain. A child who has a profound encephalopathy is being kept at home but only with the help of a part time nurse. If the nurse is not provided, then the child will have to be placed in an institution. This is the underlying justification for the nurse. This works for the family. It may work for the child at some level. Along comes a governor who wants to "save money." He cuts the funds that supply the nurse and the child winds up in an institution where his life span is very short. Probably weeks. (If there is even an institution that is available).

Now, at least, if we want to make an argument for some medically useful modality in these cases we can use Tom Delay as precedent.


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