Saturday, March 05, 2005

From the Man who brought you WMD

Juan Cole reports:

In a development that many observers considered a surprise, it was announced Friday that Ahmad Chalabi, Shiite secularist and head of the Iraqi National Congress, met a few days ago with members of the Association of Muslim Scholars, who had boycotted the political process. He discussed with them "The possibility of beginning the stage of dialogue among those who desire to fight the Occupation." Chalabi said, "We had several meetings with the rebels, and there is a real desire to work and coordinate in order to end the foreign presence in Iraq, which will convince them that there is no necessity to fight." (emphasis added)

There is no novelist out there that could construct a story along the lines of Ahmad Chalabi's career and sell the book. It is just too unbelievable. This is a man who sat behind Laura Bush at the State of the Union address. Isn't a statement like this akin to treason? I thought Bush borrowed from The Boss: "No retreat, no surrender." (and no negotiations)

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