Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Big Bloggers

The Big Bloggers are all atwitter today about the difference between Democrat and Republican “framing.” [I confess to a certain fondness to the term “Big Bloggers.” It is sort of 1957ish and makes me think of Buddy Holly and the Night the Music Died.]

For openers, there is Digby. He writes very well and is always a pleasure to read. But he is referred to by South Knox Bubba who, I think, does a great job of putting the situation in perspective. [I am also partial to Tennesseans, having a bit of the blood in me myself.]

In brief, we Democrats are getting the shit kicked out of us because Republicans are more disciplined. They stay on target and they have a simple (I'd say stupid) message. Over and over again Karl Rove trots out the same talking points. All one has to do is read the comments of the trolls on any liberal blog. They are all the same. Not a great showing of Betz Cells.

In any case, go read SKB. He thinks "we get it right every now and then" but I'm not so sure. The worm will eventually turn in our favor, but it won't be because of anything we do. That's what is so ironic about politics.

I haven't posted a lot recently because I'm working on a big project involving health care costs. I'll post it when I'm through.

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