Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bobby and Kids

The Gov is at it again. According to our local rag, The Star Democrat:
The future of Maryland's 12 regional child resource centers,..., is up in the air as state funding could be cut by $2 Million. ...
The 12 resource centers serve as the hub for child care services in different regions of Maryland...
Statewide funding was $3.8 Million a year in the past two years. Gov. Robert Ehrlich proposed $1.8 Million for fiscal year 2006...
...Ehrlich has proposed the resouces centers be switched from the jurisdiction of the Department of Human Resources to the Department of Education. Macsherry said services that go to young children are not social services or welfare services, but educational services.
In the current economic climate, most households have both Mom and Dad working; sometimes at two jobs. This is just to keep even. Agreed, we could live without a lot of "stuff" that we accumulate. But, if we did that, then the economy would really tank.

One of the things families need, then, is good day care. They frequently can't get it. Really good day care is over $100 a week. If you're working minimum wage, and the federal minimum wage for covered, nonexempt employees is $5.15 per hour, that means, hummm, subtract six and carry... alright, 19.4 hours to pay for day care for ONE child. If you have two children, 38.8 hours. That leaves 1.2 hours of salary, or $6.18 for food, transportation, housing, clothing, entertainment, and, ta ta, taxes!

While not day care itself, these resource centers make sure that the quality of those out there conforms to some kind of basic standard. In other words, they perform an important task.

One other thing, who out there thinks that day care is education? You can see where Ehrlich is going here. By doing that, he throws it back to the counties and the School Board. That saves more money for Bobby so he can pay off his fat cat supporters.

You wonder why we're going to hell in a hand basket.


EG said...

I don't know all the specifics (I don't have young ones) but I wanted to find out about my local school system in PG county (these 'smart' school board members have figured out how to get around the NCLB issues ... transfer kids from the performing schools to the non-performing schools!). I wasn't interested in debating the transfer issues but what the school board was going to do about non-performing schools and un-accredited teachers.

During the evening, I discovered that some schools have a day-care center (which I thought was surprising). This issue came up because ... some students to be transferred had day care and the new school didn't provide it. My understanding was day care was provided before and after school.

Now, that doesn't explain the pre-school issue. The school board member I cornered mentioned they wanted to do expand this (not sure if he meant to pre-school age or providing day care at all the elementary schools) but they were awaiting funding. Perhaps Erhlich is doing this because the school boards around the state are pushing this?

The other question I have is if the Social Serivces Department is providing this service, doesn't that mean children of illegals are illegible whereas if the Department of Education is providing this, those children are entitled to it?

Knowing Ehrlich, someone is getting the shaft and it's some group of children I am not aware of.

Dr. C said...

EG; thanks again for your comments. Sounds like you are more into the school system than I am, though my office manager's husband is comptroller of a county's school board and I hear a lot of scuttlebut. I think Ehrlich is insincere in the same way tha Bush is insincere. He talks about "children" and "mental Health" and the turns around and cuts the budget for these things.
I suspect that the pre and post school day care are predominantly in the lower class areas since that's where both mom and pop work 2 jobs.

Santhiya said...

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