Monday, March 28, 2005

BobbyGate Redux

Oh, it is heating up. The WaPo weighs in with an editorial, no less. Tidbits include:
AS HUNDREDS of pieces of legislation head into the crucial home stretch of the Maryland General Assembly's 2005 session, one might think Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) would be busy fighting for bills he likes and against those he doesn't. Instead, he is engaged in scandal damage control. That's the impression the governor gave when he suggested to reporters that he is the victim, first, of an "orchestrated" Democratic campaign to leak embarrassing material about his Republican administration, and, second, of a former aide who he says tried to "blackmail" him. His extraordinary remarks reinforced the impression of an administration that veers from one bizarre gambit to the next, without much attention to the major debates facing the state.
We described below how one of the whistle blowers on Ehrlich, Nurse Lane, felt that Ehrlich was engaged in a "whisper campaign" to get her fired from her present job in retaliation.
(Nurse Lane) tried without evident success to highlight problems in the state's foster care system
She threatened to let loose if he didn't let up. But, the plot thickens:
The governor's implication that Ms. Lane was part of a Democratic plot to leak embarrassing revelations about Mr. Steffen is strange; for one thing, she is a Republican who worked for Mr. Ehrlich both before and after he was elected governor.
As the WaPo points out, this was the same Gov who stood in front of the Legislature on opening day and castigated them for doing the Rodney Dangerfield to him. Just who is dissing who these days?

As the Chinese curse says, "May you live in Interesting Times."

Ah, so.

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