Sunday, March 27, 2005


Any news is good news in the modern media. People forget that someone is a mass murderer and would probably go to his franchised restaurant if they thought they could meet Jeffrey Dahmer (they might not eat there). With this in mind, the Maryland Republicans threw a sacrifical lamb onto the pyre trying to distract the press from BobbyGate. Our local State Senator (Dorchester County), Richard Colburn was outed by a former employee. Academically outed that is. Although Dicky Colburn is of a ripe old age, he still was trying to get a degree at a local college, for "personal enrichment." (I won"t delve into the irony of a politician trying to personally enrich themselves.)

This aide-de-camp has now come forward and confessed that he wrote Dicky's term papers for him. This included five for a sociology course (maybe Dicky was doing a case study in the abuse of power).
Dukes, 36, said he felt obligated to complete the papers to keep his job.

He also seemed to be indentured to the old codger:
Dukes said Colburn also asked him to do personal tasks such as help arrange the resale of the senator's Orioles season tickets and help move furniture in his home.

Dicky withdrew from the college, but has denied all. Denied all, I say.

Stay tuned.


EG said...

I don't know why people say politics is boring. This is a example of why the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is such a hit.

According to his bio, he has received two Social Science Awards from Chesapeake College in 1980 and 1981. I wonder if these awards stemmed from the 'ghost-written' term papers?

He is also a member of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee.

Keep us posted on the fallout.

EG said...

I just realized that Mr. Dukes would have been in high school to accept Coburn's writing assignments.

That should be no reason not to do pro bono work. That's what constituent services are for.

Dr. C said...

As LA would say: he he