Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Next Big Thing

I have contended for a long time that the next big crisis in the World will be the detonation of a nuclear weapon. It is inconceivable to me that States such as Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea and probably Iran would practice restraint if those in power were threatened with oblivion. And for a small State, oblivion for its leaders threatens all the time. Why would they practice restraint? If Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon, he would have used it. What did he have to lose?

With these thoughts in mind, a correspondent referred me to this quote by General Mirza Aslam Beg - former Pakistan Chief of Army Staff:
"If India and Pakistan want to dissuade Iran from going nuclear, then "out-sourcing a nuclear strike" becomes essential. Iran has the missiles, which can reach Israel. Iran fears nuclear capable Israel, and by outsourcing our nuclear strike to Iran, a credible nuclear deterrence will be established in the Gulf Region, the West and South Asia."
These are heady words. Many of us remember the clock that the Union of Concerned Scientists used to have during the Cold War with the hands closer and closer to midnight. It wasn't the approach of the Rapture that they were warning of, but a non biblical Armageddon. If Iran gets a nuclear weapon and lets loose on Israel, this might happen pretty close to the actual valley (or mountain, I can never remember). On the other hand, the Israelites might not be very happy about the outcome since according to our 21st Century Evangelists:
Apocalypse, Armageddon, and End Times are popular terms for what is thought to be the End Of The World. Not so. True, most of mankind will be destroyed. The Bible tells that two-thirds of God's chosen people, the House of Israel, and about 90% of the Gentiles will perish. The best of times will follow the worst of times. The end of the world is after, and not before, the Millennium.
I remember back in high school, there was some kind of prophet that predicted the world was going to end on Thursday. We were pretty worried. Thurday came and went with no problem.

I think there is a lot more possibility of a nuclear nasty this time around.

A final thought, doesn't it stike you as peculiar that Bush is outsourcing jobs to India and Pakistan is outsourcing nuclear weapons to Iran?

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