Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Hardline

Stirling Newberry gives us our marching orders:
What is the hardline?

The Republicans are always wrong, even if they are worried about the right thing. The Republicans have a perfect track record of being wrong. Remember all the jobs Bush predicted from the revenue reductions? Remember how global warming wasn't happening? Remember flowers in Iraq? The Republicans have only been right about one thing: how to borrow a lot of money and throw it at states they need to carry in elections.

Everything is the Republicans fault. The only crisis is that the Republicans are in charge. There are no other problems. Period.

It's that simple. The Republicans are wrong, and the Republicans are the problem. There is nothing wrong with this country we can't fix with our hands.
Alright, first fire all the consultants (including my old classmate Bob Shrum). Go for the jugular in the next election. Hammer away on jobs, the rich, and Alan Greenspan. Yes, Alan Greenspan, the world's greatest phoney.

What are the prospects the Dems will do this? I don't know. I want Howard Dean to comment on this hardline. I want him to say, "Yes. We finally got it."


Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman (NY Times) and Ron Brownstein (LA Times) have been banging pretty hard on Greenspan recently. So there's hope. He's not untouchable anymore.

Anonymous said...

Lame duck central bankers are big targets.