Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bobby Ehrlich

Well, in addition to screwing over the medical malpractice bill, our dear gov isn't doing so well in other areas:
At the mid-point of his term in office, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters gives Governor Robert Ehrlich an overall grade of D+ for his environmental actions to date.
Why does this not surprise me? He gets an F for "transportation." The infrastructure in our State is crumbling. The roads around here after a bad winter are full of potholes. We have traffic jams in a town of 8,000.

By the way, Maryland's corporate tax structure is such that a number of large companies don't pay any tax at all. I'll post on this later. Of course, they could always go to Delaware (Joe Biden Land) where MNBA Credit Cards are going to abolish the lower class. (They'll all die of starvation.)

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