Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sorry, Mr. Bush

I am sorry Mr. Bush, you are mistaken. We did not go to all the trouble of getting Democrats elected to have them undergo 'bipartisan' acquiescence to your effing War. A War that is evil. A War that kills children. You, as its chief architect, carry the highest blame. And this is just one example:
BAGHDAD, Oct 31 (Reuters) - Staff at the U.S. military hospital in Baghdad are used to horrific injuries but when the limp, bullet-riddled body of a 5-year-old Iraqi boy was zipped up in a grotesquely oversized bodybag, it was different.

It got worse when they heard he was shot by an American. (my emphasis)
I would attach a photo of an Iraqi child (I have 470 at last count, many of them destroyed like this young boy) but it would humanize something that is is inherently inhuman.

Hear that Bush? Inhuman!

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