Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry & George W. Bush

Updated below:

What John Kerry said was regrettable. But, John Kerry is not running for office. Neither is George Bush (unfortunately). If this is the best October surprise that Rove can come up with then it just proves what a pathetic ass he is.

And Mr. Bush, you should be worried about this:
Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking the city (Baghdad) to the rest of Iraq. The country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the capital.

As American and British political leaders argue over responsibility for the crisis in Iraq, the country has taken another lurch towards disintegration.

Well-armed Sunni tribes now largely surround Baghdad and are fighting Shia militias to complete the encirclement.
Now Kerry has apologized. At least he showed some sense. Maybe it will disappear into the woodwork. If this is all Rove has to run with, it is pretty sorry.

If the American people are so dense that they do not see what is going on here than, as Billmon says, we deserve everything we get. Just revolting.


Anonymous said...

Everytime John Kerry opens his mouth he proves what a pathetic ass he is. Apology? I think not. He apologized for a "botched joke". I heard nothing of the sort. I live in MA and he is one hated individual, deservedly so.
Thank you Kerry for sticking your foot in your mouth so close to elections and embarrasing your party. Good Job!

Dr. C said...

The War in Iraq, the multiple Republican scandals, the failing economy, the about to bust housing market, broken health care (believe me, I know), torture, secret prisons, rendition, gone habeus corpus, etc. etc. etc. and you're upset about a failed joke? Really, anon, I thought you once had some potential.

Redjalapeno said...

The amount of attention the GOP machine is giving to Kerry shows:
a) how desperate the GOP is to hold on to power
b) how stupid the American people that support Bush can be - anon fully underscored that point
c) how sensitive the big, bad, war-mongering, tough-talking, anti-abortion unless its Iraqi women, greedy, power-hungry, family values party can be.

With all the shit that's gone on since the boy king took over - and idiots like anon are ready to accept all of that crap - over a comment by a non-candidate, (which by the way was dead on), and this fool anon now has a motivating factor to "stay the course".
Almost like the two minutes of hate - Orwell, 1984, neo-cons need that boogyman. Not Osama, the REAL boogyman, but some other harmless strawman we can knock over and then become stuck in a quagmire with no clear or viable solution.

Gads! The conservative base is energized now! Yippppeee!
Maybe the GOP will retain control now, and we can invade Iran, invade North Korea, hell - why not attack the Palestinians? Yeah, let's KILL them all and let the various man-made gods sort it out.

Those adorable, blood-thirsty conservatives!

Dr. C said...

Thanks, RJ. An awful lot riding on next Tuesday. Then, again, one shouldn't expect miracles even if the Dems regain the House.