Thursday, November 30, 2006

al-Maliki and his almost beard

Who and what does this man actually represent? He is the Prime Minister of Iraq but what does that actually mean? As best as I can see from the the news and multiple blogs, he has almost no power. Can he tell the officers of the "Iraqi Army" what to do? Is he like Bush in that he is Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Army?

What use was there for him to meet with Bush other than to be humiliated. Bush and his cronies are now actually trying to place the blame on this poor man for the disaster that is Iraq. Who leaked the secret Intelligence memo to the NYT? If I was al-Mailiki I would have caught the first plane back. But back may not be the safest place for him to be these days.

The idea that somehow things will just go along and eventually get better when the streets of Baghdad yield 50-100 bullet riddled corpses a night, many with signs of torture, is just insane. Bush must believe very strongly in deus ex machina, in spite of there being no crane in the wings with the gods, either literally or figuratively.

And, what the heck is it with this guy's being unshaven? Is it a compromise between the West and the requirement of a beard in Islam? Or is he just being Don Johnson Miami Vice cool?

And one more thing from here:
Al-Malaki said he reassured Bush of "the government's resolve to impose the government's authority, bring stability, hold to account outlaws, and limit the possession of arms to the hands of the government."
What's he going to do about Charleton al-Heston and the IRA (Iraqi Rifle Association). Their Constitution says they have the right to bear arms. Right?

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