Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Congratulations to Ben Cardin and Martin O'Malley, Senator and Governor of Maryland.

Congratulations to all the new Democratic Representatives and to Nancy Pelosi, the upcoming Speaker of the House (third in line for President after Bush and Cheney.)

I, and millions of Americans like me, want you to take this victory and change the horror that George W. Bush has perpetrated on the world, particularly Iraq.

We need our soldiers out of Iraq; we need to reopen negotiations on arms reduction to include North Korea, Iran and Israel; we need an immediate reappraisal of the Kyoto treaty and a massive effort to end global warming; we need the tremendous disparity in wealth in the United States and the world to be urgently reversed; we need the United Nations to be brought back to its original intention, back when it had our support; we need the Health Care crisis to be addressed; we need the Education crisis to be addressed; and .....

we need those who have created the mess we find ourselves in to be held responsible and to be punished in an appropriate way.

We would like you to start immediately.

Thank you.

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