Thursday, November 02, 2006

Outsource Religion Now

Businesses may move health care overseas
By MALCOLM FOSTER and MARGIE MASON, Associated Press Writers

NEW DELHI, India - Businesses and insurance companies are starting to eye the potential savings of outsourcing health care from the world's richest country to the developing world.
What an effing stupid idea! Health care is one of the most important segments of the U.S. economy. Health care is integrated into the smallest community, even if it be an outreach clinic. It is true that health care is expensive, but it is also true that the CEO of United HealthCare made 38 million dollars in 2003 (and had to leave the company under duress recently for funny stock dealings.)The state of health care in India in poor and rural areas is not good. Isn't it a little crass to use what resources they have for the Fortune 500 bigwigs?

On the other hand, I recommend we outsource religion. You could have have your church in a neat, biblical place like Jordan or Sinai, and have the congregation attend Redskins Park on Sunday morning for a real time feed (courtesy of uTube). The video screens are really big there, so I'm told. As for more intimate things like Catholic confession (if it still exists) we could use cell phones. Unfortunately they would have to be encrypted so that Bush and the NSA couldn't eavesdrop. But, everything has its down side.

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