Monday, June 12, 2006

What is more important?

An Iraqi youth carries his wounded sister to a local hospital in Baghdad. President George W. Bush opens a two-day summit on the war in Iraq, as the US commander there and a senior Iraqi security official predict cuts in the US-led military presence(AFP/File/Wissam Al-Okaili)(emphasis added)

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it. Here, from Gorilla's Guides is the truth:

The third child Ibtisam Mahmoud is aged 9. She was injured by the bomb targeting a police patrol in the Al-Sadriya market. Her condition isn't known but isn't thought to be very serious. She's being carried away from the hospital by her brother*. Ibtisam was not treated at the hospital. She was turned away. The hospital was too full to take any more patients so her brother had to carry her through a neighbourhood that's now regularly bombed, on foot, in scorching heat, to see if he can find a hospital that will treat her.

*One report describes him as her uncle — mfi (emphasis added)
Clearly, for the press, it is more important what Boy King does than the life of a child. I am sure he is going to announce an increase in military activity rather than getting out, like we should have done a long time ago.

I'm so tired I could scream.

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markfromireland said...

Get some rest - then scream in rage :-) It's going to be a long fight but we'll get there.