Monday, June 19, 2006

Crab Song

It is the end of Swan Crab Lake. All the crabs are dancing around the Blue Crab. It is time for him to leave.* (for a while, anyway)

*Music by the Grateful Dead


markfromireland said...

This caused a gaelic gorillic guffaw.

Thanks - I really needed it.


Griffon said...

I feel we should have some names for these wonderful crabs.
I suggest for the top one "Croutononomous Crab" (as in crab soup- ready to be eaten)
The middle one is obviously "Cheyenne('s) Crab".
And the bottom one would be "Conductor Crab".

(Oh, .. and I wish Bush would had lots of crabs, too)

Dr. C said...

I'm sure when Bush was snuffing coke and drinking like a fish back in the 70's he had enough crabs to make a hooker cry.

markfromireland said...

I wonder how much malathion we would we have to induce your new neighbour to ingest to cure the infestation ....

Dr. C said...

Do you get the sense that "Big Time", or Edgar as the CIA call him a la Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen, is spiraling out of control? I think so.