Friday, June 09, 2006

Purient Pornography

marked by or arousing an immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire;
the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction
There can be no excuse for this wallowing in the death of Al-Zarqawi. We should be intelligent enough to see this for what it is, an assualt on our better selves. To be gleeful at death is the crassest of emotions.

On the Today Show they ran this picture over and over and had 15-20 minutes of commentary. This has only been surpassed by missing white girls (over a year later) or Duke-lacrosse-hooker-rape. Or, their most common rerun, the great sexual predator sting.

This technique has been honed to perfection by our overlords. Our conservative religious gurus like Mel Gibson have it in their bloodstream. The sanctification of violence. This:

Is the direct precursor of this:


Anonymous said...

And you would rather he be considered for sainthood? I think it would be good and proper to put his sorry corpse on permanent display as a reminder to terrorists.

It sounds like you are actually disappointed that this terrorist was finally stopped from killing his own people in Jordan and the innocent people in Iraq.

Dr. C said...

Anonymous. I am always appreciative of intelligent comments. Unfortunately....

Anonymous said...

Doc, You didn't finish your sentence. Quit resorting to silly sarcasm and give me a direct answer.

You seem to distain violence if it is initiated by the US Forces in tracking down a terrorist bent on distroying the new and freely elceted government in Iraq but give that terrorist a free ride.

To what set of ethics do you subscribe?

pornstudent said...

I didn't watch the Today Show, but what you say is typical of most television "news" programming. I don't watch much of those shows because I've gotten tired of it. I didn't see "The Passion" because I don't like that kind of porn. If other people want to watch that kind of stuff, it doesn't matter to me.