Friday, June 09, 2006

"Say, What?" Department

I'm a great fan of Al Gore and am anxious to see "An Inconvenient Truth." So, I am pondering the following:
Gore also said that he would consider on-screen nudity if it was necessary to progress the story.


Anonymous said...

Do you like Al because he has made millions (perhaps billions) from his stake in Google or the inheritance from his late father who made $$$$$$$$ in his sellout of the public by taking a position with Occidendal/Peabody Coal upon leaving the Senate?

Anonymous said...

Correction, Island Creek Coal.

Occidental, one of those damned oil companies but some Gore had to represent them.

Dr. C said...

I like Al Gore because he is an intelligent and principaled man. He also was elected president. I liked his father too. He represented Tennessee well. Don't talk to me about ripping off people. Remember, I live in Maryland where the Energy Company is pulling an Enron.

Anonymous said...

What's up man? Do you envy Gore because he has made a bunch of money since leaving office?

You know why he could make a bunch of money? No it's not the Oxy stocks which were owned by his mother and by the time she died had little value.

Gore got rich because he fucking knows how to invest and foresaw the coming success of Google and Apple back in 2001.

In other words once again Gore could see further than his nose.

Unlike you.

Anonymous said...

My, My Doctor. You seem to attrach some ill-informed foul mouth followers. Do they really have to resort to cursing to make a point?

Please direct your groupie to Wikipedia where is states that the Gore family's stock was valued at $250,000. That is not my definition of worthless and certainly not pocket change unless you are a Buddist monk.

Now regarding that 2000 election. First, I suggest you read the Constitution regarding the role of the Electoral College and then the role of the Supreme Court which at the time was leaning to the left.

Secondly, I don't have much good to say about a man who concedes then retracts his statement. Can you?

Lastly, why doesn't Al donate a huge chunk of change from his Goolge to charity like the current VP?

Melissa said...

Who cares how much money Al Gore has? How does that pertain to his message - are you suggesting that he's capitalizing on global warming? So far he seems to be the only one willing to take on the task of educating the oh-so-unwilling world on this most pertinent of subjects.

As for the nudity, maybe that would work. Or maybe he should try to lighten up his message. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper refuses to watch "An Inconvenient Truth", saying he prefers comedies. I'm with Al, whatever it takes to get people to pay attention to the issue is what must be done...hence the title of the documentary, this is an inconvenient truth that makes politicians plug their ears and chant "lalalalalala". For the record, the girls of Yahk are willing to take it off for any politician if it will make them sit down and watch this movie.

Dr. C said...

Thanks, Melissa. Couldn't have said it better.

ChesapeakeBlue said...

Secondly, I don't have much good to say about a man who concedes then retracts his statement. Can you?

This particular piece of tired nastiness always pisses me off. As if were electing a class president.

Neither man running for president is entitled to "concede." The person who is ELECTED by the people is the president, and everyone participating in the process (yes, that means Repubs too), has a duty to make sure the votes are counted properly. I know that actually counting votes is anathema to Repubs these days, but they used to be for it, before they were against it.

Gore did entirely the right thing in withdrawing his concession.