Thursday, June 01, 2006

Don't Let Her Loose in Red Square

I now know why most diplomats wear black. You're not supposed to be a fashion statement when something as serious as Iran is on the table. (I wonder if she still has a crush on Boy King, polls being what they have lately.)


Redjalapeno said...

I've been watching her speeches more closely and have observed something interesting, kind of.

She now displays the same silly smirk Chimpy does when she spews her rhetoric. Terry Moran intervied her the other night and she presented the same shiftiness, dodging of the question, answering it with something other than what the answer should pertain to, all while displaying that cheesy la-la land smirk.

I really hope we can get rid of these bastards before they do any more damage to our nation and the world.

Iran is going to scoff - has scoffed - at our 'proposal' over the nuclear enrichment issue. Chimpy blew any chance on any Middle East issue by invading Iraq - plain and simple. The so-called 'world' is not going to unite behind the US in order to hold Iran accountable.

We know for sure, or are at least much more confident that North Korea does possess nukes, which is why we will continue to approach them carefully and without all of this "bring it on" tough guy bullshit that Chimpy recently said he regreted saying.

I just cannot wait until these imperialist shitbags are gone - either impeached or just having their time run out. I'm thinking the so-called 'world' might just be feeling the same way.

Dr. C said...

RJ, Thanks for stopping by. This is very ominous, particularly that ass Bolton. I don't want Iran to be able to work on nuclear weapons any more than the next person. But they are still at least 4-5 years off. Bush is looking for an excuse to "look presidential" and that means "bomb the brown bastards."