Friday, June 09, 2006

Bonus Friday Crab


markfromireland said...

An a jolly smiley crab he is too just like his confrere down below. Perhaps they'e thinking of giving their local repulican rep a good pinching ... no not that that .... that wouldn't account for such very happy and anticipatory smiles ..... Hmmmm .... what could it be .... Ah yes, that must be it ... they're the crabs who've been delegated to pinch the bejaysus out that neighbour of yours for all eternity once he hits hell. That'd make me smile "bigtime" think about that and smile the next time his calvalcade forces you to stay inside the next time. By the look of him he won't last long.

markfromireland said...

I've been sitting staring at that since I wrote it. What the hell have we become? God almighty even a year ago I wouldn't have written that. I'm not normally a vengeful man - it's a character trait that absolutely doesn't go with the territory. I've an iraqi friend who says the worst thing is that his compassion is scarred he sees something dreadful and feels nothing.

Dr. C said...

The question, I guess, is it permanent? My best friend accuses me of be in inveterate pessimist. I just finished reading Elizabeth Drew's piece on the imperial presidency (New York Review of Books, nothing new in it, but it is a good summary). Its enough to make Howdy Doody frown:

(Sorry, I'm not into XTML. Still stuck in Fortan)

But, you know things are bad when a certain calvalcader's Republican neighbors wish he would go away. Smile!