Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday not-Crab blogging

Portrait of yours truly by Megan. And, no, I am not a carrot.

(Blogger has been a mess today.)


markfromireland said...

A walking carrot?

markfromireland said...

No no I take it back you're a truthful crustacean collector. If you say you're not a carrot then I believe you implicitly. that means that you are a collector of crustaceans who is also a ...... parsnip

[Mops sloping simian brow .... leaves ....]

Dr. C said...

They bring in strange roots, which is merely to the undoing of poor prentices; for what's a sorry parsnip to a good heart?

glad to see you're back

markfromireland said...

LOL always a pleasure to trade banter with a fellow fan of the bard. Do you know I've only once seen it performed. And that was by a student group in Trinty. Oooooh 20 years ago maybe. Fascinating play, which deserves to be far better known if only as a curiosity piece. I'm never sure which of his "sole endevours" amongst the political plays I like the best. Coriolanus I suppose, perhaps because we "did" it at school. But I digress.

Thanks for the welcome back. This time it was simply that I needed a break.

One of the things that I and everyone associated with "Guides" agreed on from the moment I gave in to the pressure to start blogging was that every few months we'd all take a break.

I find writing about what's going on in Iraq heartbreaking and it brings back very sharp and unpleasant memories from my time as a peacekeeper. Rather than burn out I decreed a break for myself. In this case the break was scheduled to coincide with Dubhaltach (my son who serves as a bomb-disposal officer) getting some medals stuck on his chest for courage and technical proficiency. He's recently married and I'm going to be a grandfather. Lot's of reasons to take some time off. :-)

I've also taken on re-coding the site for " Today in Iraq The link is to a very late beta version of the site I enjoy coding and don't do enough of it. Oh well.