Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taking Liberties

Over at Unreal Nature, there is posted some early works by Wegman, of doggy fame. I found one of the works not quite what I expected from the title. So, in violation of every copyright imaginable, I have spiffed it up a bit.


Ray Girvan said...

in violation of every copyright imaginable

Not necessarily: parody is a traditional get-out (though one increasingly under attack). Clare and I have had a number of soul-searches over this, as we like visual pastiche for posters (see here and here).

Julie Heyward said...

Wait, wait, don't tell me! It's a transgender Judy Garland?

[Trying not to think of a randy sea taking (Ms.) Liberty ...]

Dr. C said...

Very interesting reading, Ray. You are a talented couple. As for the Wicked Witch of the East, I didn't think anyone would notice. As with everything, alas, it apparently has a political connotation. Also, did you know that the WWE: " known as Nessarose and is born unable to walk and without arms." (The political connection is to Ethyl Kennedy and the Special Olympics.)

Ray Girvan said...

You are a talented couple

Thank you (although it's as well you don't see the creative process of collaboration, which gives good end results but tends to be very un-smooth).


I vaguely recall that. The stage adaptation may well be good but I didn't like Wicked the book at all; I thought it took itself too seriously (like including a study guide to issues raised).

Ethyl Kennedy
I don't know much about the Kennedies. Is she the one with all those poisonous siblings: Methyl, Propyl, Butyl ... ? :)

Dr. C said...

Well they were all pretty much alcoholics.