Sunday, November 22, 2009

The City Party of Yes and the City Party of No

When I was young and randy*, all the young ladies thought it was the height of romance to read "The City of Yes and the City of No" by Yevtushenko. I can't quote it (my copy is at home and its not on the nets), but it did not take one long to be dulled to insipidity with his slurpy, Rod McKuenesqe verse.

However, I was reminded of that doggerel by the history of Republican votes in Congress this year, and especially last night. Not one Republican voted to debate the health care bill. No, not to pass it, but to debate it.

I had thought that the glacial pace of legislation might have picked up a bit with global warming, particularly with in increase in hot air in our Congress. But no, we are to be forever hamstrung by a Party that wishes nothing more than to deliver a stinging blow to the President. This might be acceptable behavior when voting for secretary of the eighth grade, but not when voting for something that will determine the course of healthcare for years to come.

Its going to be a rough time coming.

*Poem - maybe post in future

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Julie Heyward said...

Q: What do you get from a randy sea?

A: Lots of little crabs.