Monday, November 16, 2009

Politics are something you can't make up

As a work of fantasy, Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household even now is a good read (I couldn't find the original cover so the above is from a British movie in the 1970's. Also, I like Peter O'Toole.) This week another work of fantasy, Going Rogue by our favorite politician (sic) Sarah Palin, hits the news stands.

If I wasn't depressed by the level of discourse in America before, the fact that this clueless idiot is afforded a place at the table as if she had something important to say just makes me want to cry. I know, I know, America has always had its incompetent politicians. But, to think that she thinks that she has a chance at being President of the United States is just mind boggling.

Oh, did I mention that she resigned as governor of Alaska for no good reason? Oh, I see. This is one of her strong points. Sorry. Didn't figure.

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Julie Heyward said...

Don't forget the wonderful person who actually wrote the book.