Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging

We are very fortunate to have a Guest Crab (Doctor of Necrophagia*) today as you can see:

Hat tip to Felix from across the pond.

*AKA bottom feeder. May be related to Lawyers.


Felix said...

Love it!!!

All here in the Grant household have been playing it over and over...


Julie Heyward said...

I enjoyed the video. I'm not sure Felix is ready to do a feature film, but it's an action-packed start.

I'm really posting this comment because I thought that both Felix and Dr. C. would enjoy reading about how Sarah Palin handled footnotes in her book.

Dr. C said...

Julie, Be careful what you say, she may be your next Prez.

Julie Heyward said...

You're still having that same nightmare? She doesn't want the job; all those pesky meetings and boring diplomats. Sign this, sign that. Yawn.

On the other hand, if she did get elected, those who voted for her would get exactly what they deserve. (I would hole up in the wilderness and pretend I wasn't here and/or she wasn't there. Oh, wait. I already do that.)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....Here's an attorney with an appropriate name if you need legal assistance.(Will have to drive across big bridge)

(ps. be nice to my fellow attorneys)

Hummus said...

Cicero comes from chickpeas.

Culpeper says that chick peas are less windy than peas (ask Felix if that's true).

(Not to be confused with chickling peas which can cause wasting of the Gluteal muscle.)

Dr. C said...

Hummus, Thank you for pointing out the association with chick or chickling peas. However, long experience has shown us that the plant most associated with Cicero (and actually the official plant of the realm, so to speak) is Asparagus officinalis. This lovely vegetable is know for many things, not the least of which is Proust's observation that asparagus: "[...] changer mon pot de chambre en un vase de parfum,"

The ability to appreciate this aspect of asparagus metabolism appears to be genetic and perhaps missing in certain twigs of the human tree.

Ray Girvan said...

hanger mon pot de chambre en un vase de parfum

Proust was weird (as if we didn't already know); it's hardly a smell I'd call "parfum". More like some zoo animal has been using our toilet.

It's such a perfect day,
The animals in the zoo,
All came and used our loo:

Montag said...

I believe we are all actively participants in least, I hope so.

Maybe not Zoltar...