Wednesday, November 18, 2009


From here in response to a comment from the previous post:

Its hard to imagine the cartoonist (Clay Bennett) is in the small town Chattanooga Times - Free Press he is so good. Of course the Chattanooga Times is the sister of the NYT, both having once been owned by Adolph Ochs. But the News Free Press? It was quite to the right of Rush Limbaugh when I was growing up. However, as the Wikipedia article on this newspaper points out:
The Times Free Press is unusual among U.S. newspapers in that it runs two editorial pages, one leaning liberal, the other leaning conservative, reflecting the editorial leanings of the previous standalone Times and Free Press.
I guess stuff like this is only interesting to Chattanoogians.

As for Sarah, well, I think her days are numbered. At least she provided some entertainment and, hopefully, one more SNL appearance by Tina Fey.

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Felix said...

"I guess stuff like this is only interesting to Chattanoogians."

Not at all; I think it's very intriguing, and I was most taken with it!