Friday, November 06, 2009


The essence of good grits lies (in) freshly milled whole-grain products, which helps to retain the flavor. Quick or instant grits are available in cans but the quality seems to suffer in the canning process. The result is grits that are usually described as tasting like "library paste."
That would be my opinion.

The world can be divided into two camps, those who love grits and those that despise them. There is no middle ground. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero


Ray Girvan said...

Since encountering GRITS as an acronym on a music playlist some years ago, I can't shake off the association between the word "grits" and Ghost Riders In The Sky.

Julie Heyward said...

Ned Pepper: I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.

Rooster Cogburn: Fill your hands, you son of a bitch.


Rooster Cogburn: Mr. Rat, I have a writ here says you're to stop eating Chin Lee's cornmeal forthwith.

[from True Grit quotes]

Anonymous said...

Those of us fortunate enough to live here, understand that the acronym stands for "Girls raised in the South."
I trust that will soon replace your fondness for Ghosts.

Marco Tupperware Sissio said...

My Cousin Vinny has said all that there is to be said on the subject of grits.

The best are made by Amey Roadstone.

Ray Girvan said...

Ah, those pesky acronyms... I couldn't help sniggering at this news item from the Philippine Daily Inquirer: Gov’t to press peace talks with MILF.