Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Perfect Distraction

This is a picture of our Energy Secretary. He looks a little like Nikita Kruschev, don't you think? The guy who said "We will bury you." I'm feeling a little buried at the moment. This man is said to have a handle on our energy supplies and, in a roundabout way, controls the price of a gallon of gas. Its going up, up, up.

God (whoever he/she is) certainly moves in strange ways. Here we have the body politic of the United States moving toward a rejection of the policies of its President in Iraq, largely catalyzed by the aggrieved mother of a slain soldier (Cindy Sheehan), and Whamo!!, we have one of the largest disasters in memory visit our mainland. (Oh, Mr. President, while it wasn't terrorists, shouldn't the people of New Orleans have been entitled to a little Homeland Security? Heh?)

You can almost see W. plotting with Old White Hairs himself.
"Hey, diddle with the air currents off Africa a little Jehovah. Cause me a DISTRACTION. I promise I'll root out those unbelievers in return."

Warning! Unbelievers. Batten down the hatches and get Hurricane Insurance.

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Redjalapeno said...

Between the tsunami and now Katrina, I have wondered why we are so adept at killing each other but have to struggle so hard to get people to safety in a natural disaster.