Thursday, August 18, 2005

Falluja, oh Falluja!

This from Juan Cole:
AP reported that guerrillas detonated a car bomb in downtown Fallujah, killing 3 persons, including 2 children.
Do you remember this:
America's Sinister Plan for Falluja

...The chilling reality of what Falluja has become is only now seeping out, as the American military continues to block almost all access to the city, whether to reporters, its former residents, or aid groups like the Red Crescent Society....

..if all goes as the Americans imagine, here's what the city's residents may face:

Entry and exit from the city will be restricted.
According to General Sattler, only five roads into the city will remain open. The rest will be blocked by "sand berms" - read, mountains of earth that will make them impassible. Checkpoints will be established at each of the five entry points, manned by U.S. troops, and everyone entering will be "photographed, fingerprinted and have iris scans taken before being issued ID cards." Though Sattler reassured American reporters that the process would only take 10 minutes, the implication is that entry and exit from the city will depend solely on valid ID cards properly proffered, a system akin to the pass-card system used during the apartheid era in South Africa.

Fallujans are to wear their universal identity cards in plain sight at all times.
The ID cards will, according to Dahr Jamail's information, be made into badges that contain the individual's home address. This sort of system has no purpose except to allow for the monitoring of everyone in the city, so that ongoing American patrols can quickly determine if someone is not a registered citizen or is suspiciously far from their home neighborhood.

and so forth...
It appears that the closest thing to an ideal police State just gave way to reality. At some point, whatever one does in Iraq is going to go wrong. It would be far better if we were not there.

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