Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hey, Idaho, Talk to Our Dear Gov

It looks like Idaho hasn't heard of Maryland. As Yogi Berra said: Its Deja Vu all over (link courtesy of Sirotablog at Working for Change):
Speaker of Idaho House considers legislation to require insurance
By The Associated Press

BOISE -- The speaker of the state House of Representatives is mulling a proposal that could require businesses to provide employees with insurance, or reimburse Idaho for publicly funded health care costs.

Medicaid costs have grown tenfold since 1990, and now account for about 14 percent of state spending.

To try to reverse the trend, Rep. Bruce Newcomb, R-Burley, is proposing that employers buy health insurance for their workers, or pay the state to offset Medicaid costs.

Newcomb's target: Wal-Mart stores.
(emphasis added)
As I said, I guess Idaho didn't talke to Our Dear Gov a Republican who vetoed the same bill in Maryland.
Ehrlich Vetoes Health Care Bill Aimed at Wal-Mart

PRINCESS ANNE, Md., May 19 -- Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. vetoed legislation Thursday that would have effectively forced Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to spend more on employee health benefits in Maryland, a measure that has unnerved the retailing giant and prompted other states to consider similar approaches.
"O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!"

--From Much Ado About Nothing (IV, i, 19-21)

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